kleine neue theorie von mir bzgl dem one piece

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    • kleine neue theorie von mir bzgl dem one piece

      habe soeben eine theorie zum one piece auf reddit veröffentlicht:

      hier der Link:

      falls ihr es hier lesen wollt viel spaß xD ist nur in vermutlich nicht ganz so korrektem englisch
      Spoiler anzeigen

      i know i know. After the latest chapter many people are dropping their potential theories about the one piece.

      so let me be one of 'em.

      I thought about something the last man before roger who was on laught tale put there.
      A great red porneglyph telling them that in 8 years ore something like that something interesting appears on laugh tale.

      Roger and the others laughed because they all wanted to travel through the oceans and find something amazing on the last island but they just found out they were to early. also roger laughed because he know he cannot see the thing cause he'll be dead until it arrives. so he said "lets drop our treasure here."

      now the twist. There are actually then two one pieces.
      One: the one from the person before roger
      two: the treasure of roger.

      and that roger doesnt even know what the thing is which could happen on laugh tale. He thought: " okay. there is no treasure but there is the last island i saw. now my journey is over and i pass it to the next generation."

      thats also my theory why shanks hasnt get the treasure until know. Of course he was on raftel. but just a few years to early. then he saw luffy. luffy reminded him of himself. and he thought of himself in the role of roger. so he also passed it to the next gen.

      so now to the second one piece.

      i think laugh tale is one important "member" of the weapons destroying the red line. so every 1000 years or something like that you need to collect the other weapons on laugh tale and the power of them all are able to destroy the red line.

      a little clue could be the cover story of eneru. he was on the moon looking at a big painting or carving on the wall which resembles an upside down strawhat.

      what if the stars are only in the right order every thousand years?

      with my theory also the comment of oda that the one piece is something manifestal is right. the treasure of roger is something manifestal. but the real one piece then would be the secret of laugh tale.
      Sorry Spiele lieber Pokemon Masters xD

      Ja gut ab und an auch mal wieder OPTC