Garp's Challenge 7 - Heavenly Demon

    • Special-Event

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    • /f2958 /f2958 mit Support /f1619
      /f2864-0 /f2336 mit Support /f2195
      /f1941 /f2238
      /s0002 als Schiff

      /f2700 /f2980
      /f2990 /f2721
      /f2601-1 /f2986
      /s0002 als Schiff

      /f2862-1 /f2862-1
      /f2792 /f3379
      /f2152 /f2864-1
      /s0036 als Schiff
      /f1928 als Support auf /f2792

      /f2862-1 /f3177
      /f2469a /f3042 mit Support /f1928
      /f2446 /f3050

      Durch Switchen immer für höheren Damage sorgen

      Stage1: /psy weghauen
      Stage2: So schnell wie möglich weghauen
      Stage3: Robins Special zünden und weghauen
      Stage4: Einen nach dem anderen weghauen
      Stage5: Flampes Special zünden und weghauen
      Stage6: Shanks/Crew und Sanji/Judge Specials zünden und weghauen
      Stage7: Rogers und Smootie/Ovens Specials zünden, Rogers Super-Type und weghauen

      /f2962 /f2962
      /f2781 /f2953
      /f2956 /f1619
      /s0002 als Schiff

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    • Hab die 2te Challenge jetzt auch endlich geschafft :excited: .
      Team war dieses von Nakama:
      /f2958 /f3385
      /f2804 /f2601-1
      /f2774 /f2882

      Nami hat /f2851 Support (es geht auch ohne, aber dann braucht man Vivibecca auf LB+ und muss auf der Caeser Stage bisschen stallen)

      Buggy braucht Speciallevel auf max.

      O-Soba braucht seine Crewmate Abbility (wenn ein anderer Charakter seine Special benutzt wird der eigene CD um 4 Runden verkürzt)

      Edit: Max. Poison Sockel nötig

      Link zum Team: KLICK MICH
      ID:378 831 896
      Name: [OPC] NatureHero
      P lvl: 400+
      :lucyrun: Lieblingslegis :suuuper: :

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    • Auch hier meine Sammlung der Teams:

      /f2681 /f2681 ( /f0073 )
      /f2618 /f2371 ( /f1108 )
      /f2680 /f2605 /s0051

      S1: Switch Saka to Issoh and attack str and int
      S2: Use Streusen, switch Issoh to Saka and tap normally ending with Bullet
      1. Use Coby, switch Saka to Issoh and attack normally
      2. Stall out the increase defense and eat as many Meat as possible
      3. Stall out the increase defense and eat as many Meat as possible
      4. Make sure Issoh is up when leaving and attack normally
      1. Use Usopp and switch Saka to Issoh and attack depending on highest attack turns left. Make sure Eli doesnt do his powerful attack. I stalled on Dagama cause he is least threatening. Idk what the others do but that's what I did.
      2. You should have at least killed 2 of the guys leaving 4 guys left. Kill 2 more leaving your stall pick and Eli.
      3. Kill Eli.
      4. Stall until your pick is down to 1 cd. For Dagama he binds your healing for 10 turns but with my lb it went down to 2 turns which wasn't a problem for me. Make sure you leave the stage with [b]Issoh
      1. Use Streusen and Issoh specials. Attack normally
      2. Attack Normally
      S6: Use Coby and 1 Bullet special and switch Issoh to Saka. Attack normally ending with the Bullet you used to special. EOT damage should finish off everyone.
      1: Use all special which should be Bullet, Saka, and Usopp. Focus Doffy and attack normally. EOT damage should kill of other mobs
      2: Finish him.

      /f2862-1 /f2862-1
      /f2792 ( /f1928 ) /f2778 ( /f1658 )
      /f2864-1 /f1518 ( /f2163 ) /s0002

      On Stage 1-5 swap Shanks Crew as needed to get as many matching as possible
      Stage 1: switch all duo units, kill qck mob
      Stage 2: swap at least one Shanks Crew and use Bellamy special
      Stage 3: swap at least one Shanks Crew and use Krieg/Gin special
      Stage 4: swap at least one Shanks Crew and use FC Shanks Crew special
      Stage 5: swap captain Shanks Crew and use Okiku special x2
      Stage 6: swap (or don't swap) so both your Shanks Crew are QCK and use your own Shanks Crew special
      Stage 7: swap FC Shanks Crew and Krieg/Gin, target the upper left high def mob, use Bellamy special, hit with FC Shanks Crew and manual target Doflamingo, and then burst with the rest

      /f2700 /f2980
      /f2990 /f2721
      /dex /dex /s0002
      S1: Let Kaido do his job
      S2: Use first Silence reducers and hit some perfects. Let Kaido do his job
      S3: Let Kaido do his job
      S4: Let Kaido do his job
      S5: Break the barrier and Let Kaido do his job. He'll take a couple of turns
      S6: Let Kaido do his job
      S7: Kid special, kill high def mobs first then Doffy (or... well, Let Kaido do his job)

      /f3027 /f3027
      /f2540-1 /f1492
      /f1747 /f2815 /s0024

      Stage 1: Kill PSY
      Stage 2: Use Otama and Sabo and try to kill. It doesn’t matter if u don’t one shot.
      Stage 3: Keep swapping iva/bon and stall out the defense. Kill when you can.
      Stage 4: Use one law and kill as many as u can (prio on low cd ofc). Save elizabello for last and kill when king punch is 1 cd.
      Stage 5: Otama and swap. Use iva/bon when you are at around 10k hp. Keep punching and kill when iva/bon heal is gone. (You want law to be up again for last stage).
      Stage 6: Use boa/whoever you picked to kill the goons. Swap iva/bon for para. Turn 2 swap again and you can use law and kill or stall 1 more if you need to.
      Stage 7: Kill as many as you can on turn 1. Turn 2 use sabo and law and finish the rest + do damage to doffy. Turn 3 kill doffy

      /f2964 /f2964
      /f2103 ( /f2099 ) /f2956
      /f2913 /f2781 /s0044

      Stage 1 : int mob with croc first (perfect perserves his orb)
      Stage 2 : croc special + 1bb
      Stage 3 : carrot + baccarat
      Stage 4 : Shira special first, 2nd bb special whenever u want just to up his boost, stall until croc has 2 turns left even if u take some damage on hack.
      Stage 5 : croc special + bb special ( built up from the stalling ) and kill easy
      Stage 6 : baccarat special and carrot to take care of mobs, stall until 1 turn left on trebol to charge up bb
      Stage 7 : have fun with supertype blackbeard

      /f2804 /f2802-1
      /f2119 /f2806
      /f2561 /f2540 /s0060 :poisonres: auf 3

      Stage 1: Vs pengunins, mobs and princess turtle

      • Turn 1: Use Sobamask captain action and swap to Koala. Use autotarget and attack the penguins with Sobamask and Usohachi (with barrier pierce), take out pistol mobs (don't let < 50% health or they will blind you for 15 turns).
      • Turn 2: Kill the turtle.
      Stage 2: Vs Nutcrackers
      • Turn 1: Swap to Sabo and take out in one turn.
      Stage 3: Vs Monet
      • Turn 1: Swap to Zoro, Koala and BonClay, attack normally hitting with Koala last. You should be able to get her quite low but not fully kill.
      • Turn 2: Use Sobamask special and break barrier with Bobbin and Sobamask and attack with Koala and (if necessary) Zoro. You should try to save the wano slots on Usohachi and BonClay.
      Stage 4: Vs Vergo
      • Turn 1: Swap to Sabo and Luffy. Use Sabo, BonClay and Usohachi special and kill in one turn.
      Stage 5: Vs Caesar
      • Turn 1: Swap to Zoro and Ivankov and deal as much damage as possible.
      • Turn 2: Swap to Luffy, Koala and BonClay and deal as much damage as possible.
      • Turn 3: Swap to Ivankov, Zoro and kill.
      Stage 6: Vs Pika
      • Turn 1: Swap to Sabo, Luffy and BonClay. Use Sobamask captain action. Use Bobbin and Luffy specials. Attack with your STR units and it should be enough to kill. (Although you can attack with everyone if you want).
      Stage 7: Vs Sugar and Trebol
      Important for this stage: Do not get Trebol below 50% health.
      • Turn 1: Use Sobamask special, swap to Ivankov and Koala. The goal is to take out Sugar 1st turn and land a hit on Trebol with Sobamask (Must do good to not get him < 50%). Attack in the following order: Bobbin, Ivankov, Usohachi, LuffyZoro, Koala and GOOD with Sobamask on Trebol.
      • Turn 2: Swap to Zoro, BonClay and him close but not under 50%. (Perfect with BonClay, Bobbin and miss with Sobamask does it for me).
      • Turn 3: Swap to Luffy and Sabo and take him out.
      Stage 8: Vs Sr. Pink, Machvise and Gladius
      Important for this stage: Do not get Gladius below 70% health.
      • Turn 1: Swap to Zoro, Ivankov, Koala. Use Usohachi special and kill Sr Pink. (Hit with Koala last).
      • Turn 2: Swap to Luffy, BonClay, Sabo. Kill Machvise.
      • Turn 3: Swap to Zoro and attack using Zoro first (hit good or great) and then a couple of greats.
      • Turn 4: Tap with Zoro.
      • Turn 5: Swap to Ivankov and Koala. Use Sobamask captain action and Ivankov special. Finish Gladius.
      Stage 9: Vs Diamante
      • Turn 1: Swap to Luffy, Sabo and BonClay. Use Sobamask special and deal all the damage you can.
      • Turn 2: Swap to Zoro and Koala and finish.
      Stage 10: Vs Doflamingo (x2)
      Turn 1: Use Bobbin special, swap to Sabo and use his special. Swap to Luffy and use his special. Attack in the following order: Bobbin, Sobamask, Usohachi, LuffyZoro, (kills top Doffy) , BonClay, Sabo (kills bottom Doffy).

      359 009 503
      P-Level: 900+
    • Hier einmal ein Team für Heavenly Demon 1. Psy+Str Challenge.

      /f3065-2 /f3065-1
      /f2577 /f3027 (Str Challenge statt Law, dann /f3175 )
      /f2895-2 /f2540-1

      Schiff: Merry Go, Liberal Hind, Moby Dick...

      Empfohlen (aber nicht notwendig) folgende Supports /f1619 ( /f2578 auf Mihawk)


      Stage 1: Psy Challenge: Swap all to Psy, Kill Psy Mob Str Challenge: Swap all to Str, kill Str Mob

      Stage 2: Just Swapping all each turn and eat Meats and Kill in x Turns.

      Stage 3: Swap all each Turn. Eat Meats. Stall out Def Up and Kill in X Turns.

      Stage 4: Turn 1:Swap all. Special Perona/Mihawk. Kill Blue Gilly first and AS many you can. But dont Hit anyone under 20% HP.

      Turn 2-3: Swap all and kill AS many you can.

      Stage 5: Turn 1: Swap all and eat Meat.

      Turn 2-x: After he lost his Shield first Time use Special of Catviper/Dogstorm and take last Hits with Mihawk/Persona and Dogstorm/Catviper

      Stage 6: First Swap Luffys/Sanjis+ Special FC and Swap others and kill Trebol with Psy Units. Take one Psy Mob alive and swap If necessary Captain to Sanji.

      Stage 7 : Swap (both) to Luffy+Special,Special Law (Str Challenge: Oden), swap Perona/Mihawk If Mihawk Perona/Special is also ready, use it. Also Keep, or swap all other units in Str.Kill Mobs and Last hit on Doflamingo with Luffys. If you didnt Kill on Turn1. Just swap Mihawk/Perona, and take Last Hits with str guys and kill.
    • Heavenly Demon 1 - Teamsammlung

      /f2681 /f2681
      /f2618 /f2371
      /f2540 /f2605
      /s0040 als Schiff
      + /f2565 empfand ich als angenehm als RCV-Booster für IvanClay
      hier ein Video:
      hier wurde ein Delay verwendet - ich hingegen habe es mit Heilung kompensiert, geht beides

      Kaido ist hier wohl die einfachste Farbe; wurde schon von mehreren Personen aufgegriffen..
      /f2700 /f2700
      /f3018 mit /f3183 /f2159 mit /f1704
      /f3052 /f2990
      /s0040 als Schiff
      Support-Units sind in dem Fall meine persönlichen Präferenzen

      /f2862-1 /f2862-1
      /f2152 /f2175
      /f3381-1 /f2868
      /s0016 als Schiff
      Stat-Booster als Support

      /f3177 /f3177
      /f2540-1 /f2862-0
      /f3183 /f2950
      /s0060 als Schiff
      Stat-Booster als Support

      /f2962 /f2964
      /f2471 /f2618-1
      /f3109 /f1619
      /s0044 als Schiff
      Stat-Booster als Support

      Am Häufigsten im Einsatz:
      /f2862-1 /f2700 /f3177 /f2681 /f3175 /f2964
    • Hab auch endlich die Doflamingo 2 Challenge geschafft mit:
      /f2862-1 /f3175
      /f2561 /f2601
      /f2181 /f2806

      Sockel: Bind, Despair, Heal, Dmg Reduce, Poison max
      Support: Stats Booster

      Stage 1: Pinguine umhauen und danach den rest.
      Stage 2: Alle umhauen, wichtig das die Duals auf Shanks, Sabo, Rebecca und Whitebeard sind. (Ab jetzt wird nur der switch geschrieben)
      Stage 3: 1 Runde angreifen. 2 Runde Switch all, angreifen.
      Stage 4: Usopp Special, Sabo switch + Special, Switch beim Rest, angreifen und umhauen.
      Stage 5: Runde 1-3 Switch all, attack. In Runde 3 umhauen, wichtig die meat Orbs mit Warco zu konsumieren.
      Stage 6: Runde 1 Switch Vivi + Special, Switch Warco, Oden Special und unter 75% hauen (über 20%). Runde 2 Switch Shanks + Special, Switch Warcoattack
      Stage 7: Runde 1 Switch Warco, Sabo, Vivi und Sugar umhauen, Trebol über 50% lassen. Runde 2 Trebol umhauen.
      Stage 8: Runde 1 Switch all, Usopp Special, Oden Supertyp. Machvise umhauen und Senior Pink umhauen (falls er stehen bleibt ists nicht so schlimm und sollte trotzdem klappen. Runde 2 Switch Warco+ Vivi, angreifen. Runde 3 Switch Shanks + Warco, angreifen. Runde 4 Switch Warco, angreifen. Wichtig nicht uner 75% hauen. Runde 5 Switch Vivi, Shanks, Sabo und umhauen.
      Stage 9: Switch Shanks + Special, Switch Sabo + Vivi.
      Stage 10: Switch Sabo + Special, Oden Special, Vivi Special.

      Das Team und Vorgehen hab ich aus dem Video, wichtig ist teilweise die Gegner nicht zu weit oder zu wenig runterzuhauen und immer richtig switchen.
    • Da das Team auf Nakama verhältnismäßig neu ist, aber es unglaublich gut funktioniert und kaum wirklich neue Units benötigt, möchte ich das hier auch vorstellen (für Doflamingo 2):

      /f2862-0 /f2958
      /f2577 /f2561
      /f2332 /f2601

      Vorteile: Es wird kein LB+ gebraucht, 100 ATK CCs reichen mehr als aus. Für das Gift nimmt man dann entweder die Poison Sockel mit oder /f0675 als Support.
      Bedingung: Ain braucht die Double Special Activation auf Lv4 (aber bei ihr lohnen sich durchaus die Tablets, falls man sie noch nicht so weit hat). Und der FC Shanks braucht Slot Bind Reduction Lv4 (wobei es von denen genug geben sollte).

      Vorgehen ist bei Nakama eindeutig beschrieben, man kann eigentlich gar nichts falsch machen mit der Anleitung (außer was überlesen :buggyhehe: ) : Vorgehensweise
    • /str Doppel Team /psy

      Habe dieses 2in1 Challenge Team auf Nakama gefunden. Dickes DANKE /reblike an die Ersteller. Damit kann man sich einen Run pro Challenge sparen.

      /f3065-1 /f3065-1 support /f1619
      /f2577-1 /f2895-2
      /f2540-1 /f3098-2

      Guide auf Nakama vs. Enel (LINK) Achtung: andere Supports
      Guide auf Nakama vs. WB (LINK)
      Guide auf Nakama vs. Revo (LINK)
      Guide auf Nakama vs. Doffy (LINK)
      Pl-Lvl 700+ Global ID: 743 970 354

      :red: wanted :red:

      nichts so richtig...